LINDSAY S. DUNCAN    Louisville, Kentucky 502.408.6344



2017-2019  Instructor | Children Fine Art Classes, Louisville Visual Art

2017-2019  Instructor | Stop Motion Animation Summer Camp, Louisville Visual Art

2017                Workshop Facilitator | Block Printing Workshop, Speed Art Museum

2016                Workshop Facilitator | Stop Motion Animation Workshop, Youthbuild

2016                Instructor | Sculpture Extravaganza Summer Camp, Speed Art Museum

2015                Workshop Facilitator | Painting with Soil Workshop, Bernheim Forest

2013                Workshop Facilitator | Projection Art, Studioworks

2012                Workshop Facilitator | Block Printing Greeting Cards, Lou. Visual Art




2016              Album Artwork | Ben Helm, Louisville KY

                      Logo Design | Valley Spirit Farm, Louisville KY

                      Album Artwork | Twin Talk, Chicago IL

                      Postcards | Hillbilly Teahouse, Louisville KY


2015               Event Flyer | Atlantic No. 5 Louisville KY

                      Wedding Invitation | Borgman Wedding Louisville KY

                      Coloring pages | Food Literacy Project, Louisville KY


2014               Album Artwork | Assemblage, Chicago IL

                      Seed Packets | Louisville Grows, Louisville KY

                      Logo Design | Pure Pollen Flowers, Louisville KY

                      Event Flyer | Planting Seeds Childbirth Preparation, Louisville KY

                      Hand-drawn Signs | Fitts and Morgan Wedding, Louisville KY


2013               Logo and T-Shirt Design | Lifebar, Louisville KY

                      Event Flyer | Decca, Louisville KY

                      T-shirt Design | Louisville Visual Art Fundraiser, Louisville KY

                      Event Flyer | Louisville Downtown Partnership, Louisville KY

                      Logo Design | New 2 Local Food, Louisville KY

                      Event Flyer | Salvation Army, Louisville KY

                      Fundraiser Flyer | Salvation Army, Louisville KY

                      Website Design | Ingriddesign, Louisville KY

                      Animated Projection | Ingriddesign, Louisville KY


2012               Music Video | Natives Band, Louisville KY





2017            Kentucky-themed Projection Installation

                    After Hours at the Speed Art Museum, Louisville KY


                   2016 “Breaking Language Barriers with Projections”

                   Kentucky Refugee Ministries, Louisville KY


                   2015 Kentucky-themed Photo booth and Installation         

                   Bourbon Bash at Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft


                  “Art as Memory” Exhibition, Weber Gallery, Louisville KY


 2014          Projection and Visuals, Exactacube at Dreamland, Louisville KY


                   “Visionaries and Voices” Mail Art Exhibit Collaboration with Studioworks, Cincinnati OH


                  Projections and Visuals, West Fest Fundraiser, Louisville KY


                  Projections and Visuals, Shedding at Land of Tomorrow, Louisville KY


                 “Community Click”, Built Pinhole Cameras with students from Sacred Heart Academy and residents at                   Brownsboro Park Retirement Community, Louisville KY


2013         Interactive Projection Installation, for KMAC during NULU Fest at the Local Louisville Speed Museum


                Solo Exhibit, O’Shea’s Gallery, Louisville KY


                Projections and Visuals, Soft Metals at Warehouse Show, Louisville KY


                Projections and Visuals, Parlour and Seluah at Louisville Palace Theatre


               Projections and Visuals, Shedding at Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft


               Projections and Visuals, Another 7 Astronauts at Speed Art Museum


2012       Juried Exhibition, Louisville Visual Art, Louisville KY




Featured Artist in Louisville Visual Art’s Artebella issue, November 2013


Glances: Short Video Festival, September 2013


Lvl1 Hackerspace Grant, February 2013